Poultry farm

We are currently renovating our barn to become a free-range poultry farm, which will be able to house up to 150 layer chickens.  The enlarged coop allows the chickens to walk freely and produce fresh eggs which will be for community consumption, and also for use in the Garden Café. Layer chickens are used specifically for laying eggs daily, but their meat is not ideal for cooking, therefore will not be used in the Cafe menu items.

Carton of Fresh Eggs
0 Eggs per week
1 chicken can lay up to 5 eggs a week, and we will have 50 chickens to start = 250 eggs a week!

Chicken eggs

When available, fresh eggs will be gathered from the coop daily and sold at $3.50 per dozen. Eggs will be sold through the Garden Cafe during regular cafe hours. The poultry farm will be starting with 50 chickens in the spring of 2019, with hopes of expanding to 150.  We are anticipating approximately 100 eggs available for sale to the community on a weekly basis.  A large portion of the Garden Café breakfast items were designed specifically with free-range eggs in mind to emphasize the “Farm to Fork” experience for all patrons visiting Our Sustenance.