Planting Dates and Times

Below is a chart that describes when the best times are to put your plants in the ground. The indoor seedling section means planting seedlings you have started indoors at home. They stay inside till it is time for outdoor transplanting. The seasons must be warm enough for certain plants to survive outdoors. If they are able to survive from seed outside, follow the guide for Outdoor Seeding, or Outdoor Transplanting.

Vegetable Indoor Seeding Outdoor Seeding Outdoor Transplanting
Asparagus Early May
Beans (bush) April-May
Beans (yellow or green) Late May- Late June
Beans (pole) May
Beets Mid-May
Broccoli Mid-April May
Brussels Sprouts Mid-April Mid to Late May
Cabbage Mid-April May
Cabbage (Chinese) Early July
Carrots Mid-May
Cauliflower Mid-April Late May
Celeriac Mid-March Mid to Late May
Celery Mid-March Mid to Late May
Chard Mid-April Mid-May
Chicory Early July
Chives March Mid-May Mid-May
Corn Mid-May
Cucumber Early May Late May Early June
Eggplant Late March Early June
Garlic October or early May
Gourds After Last Frost
Ground Cherry Late March Early June
Horseradish Early May
Kohlrabi Mid-May
Leeks Early March Early May
Lettuce (head) Mid-April Late May
Lettuce (leaf) Mid-April Early May Late May
Muskmelon Mid to Late April Early June
Okra Late May
Onions Early March Early May
(tie in bunches)
Early May
Parsley Early March Early May Early May
Parsnip Mid-May
Peas Mid-May
Peppers Late March Early June
Potatoes Mid-May
Pumpkin Early May Mid-May Early June
Radishes May-June
Raspberries Late Fall-Early Spring
Rhubarb Early May
Rutabaga Mid-May
Salsify Mid-May
Shallots (Autumn) Late August
Shallots (Spring) Early May
Spinach Mid-May
Squash May-June
Strawberries Late Fall-Early Spring
Tomatoes Late March – Mid-April Early June
Turnips Mid-May
Watermelon Mid to Late May Early June