Harvesting, Storing, and Preserving

Ensure you store only sound fruits and vegetables. Diseased or injured ones may be used early in the fall or preserved in some other way by cutting out bad sections and freezing, canning or drying. Harvesting, in most cases, should be delayed as long as possible so that you have cold weather to help you keep the food cool once it’s out of the garden or orchard.

All vegetables and fruits to be stored must be handled with great care to avoid cuts and bruises. Food that is really dirty, should not be washed, but rather rubbed lightly with a soft cloth or glove or rinsed under gently running water.

Do not bring food warm from the garden right into the storage area. Try to chill food first because it’ll take a long time for warm food to cool down once in storage, risking the chance of spoilage in the process.